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London Olympic Games Security 2012



In this section of the Security Website we are going to keep you up to date regarding current security events regarding the 2012 Olympic Games in London. And we also provide companies that offer security solutions for the Olympic Games. See the bottom of the information profile for more details.

Security planning for London 2012 is well underway !!

Staff at the London 2012 Organising Committee and the Olympic Delivery Authority are working closely with Government and a host of policing, safety and security agencies to achieve a safe and secure Games.

Together with our partners we are aiming to achieve a Games that everyone can share in and celebrate safely whilst causing minimal disruption to daily life in London and the rest of the UK.

The UK has an excellent track record of regularly hosting and policing major events safely and securely. We shall build on this expertise, as well as our considerable counter-terrorism capability for the Games.

As well as planning for Games-time, we are building security into the designs for the Olympic Park and venues.

London and the rest of the UK regularly host and police major events safely and securely. By building on this considerable, renowned security experience, London 2012 can leave a positive legacy.





The celebrations begin with the torch relay in May, with the Games themselves opening on 27 July 2012 and going right through to 9 September.

Together the Olympic and Paralympic Games will see around 14,700 athletes from 205 countries competing at venues in London and around the UK. All this will take place alongside regular events such as Wimbledon and the Notting Hill Carnival, as well as celebrations for Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

A safe and secure Games

The UK has an excellent track record of successfully hosting major events safely and securely – it’s one of the reasons that the UK won the Olympic bid in the first place. The Home Secretary is lead minister for Olympic and Paralympic safety and security and is committed to ensuring that the Games are enjoyed by millions of people, safe and secure from all threats, including terrorism.

The Olympic and Paralympic security directorate (OSD) - within the Home Office’s Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism - is responsible for developing the Olympic security strategy, monitoring the way it is put into action and managing the security budget. Baroness Neville-Jones, Minister of State for Security and Counter-Terrorism, is the minister leading the strategy on a day-to-day basis.

Multiple agencies - including the police service, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) and the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) are involved in making sure the Games are safe and secure. They are all working closely with us. Please check out these policy documents and booklets for the publics' piece of mind:


***** NEW *****

London 2012: A Safe and Secure Games for all

This information booklet is designed to explain to the general public, especially those communities local to the Olympic and Paralympic venues, how we plan to deliver a safe and secure Games in 2012. It has been published alongside the Olympic & Paralympic Safety and Security strategy as a more accessible insight into the work being done to meet the security challenge.

London 2012: A safe and secure Games for all (PDF file - 616kb)

London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Safety & Security Strategy - March 2011

The London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic safety & security strategy was first published in July 2009. It sets out the vision, aim, and objectives for a single Olympic and Paralympic safety and security strategy for the government, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG), the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), the police service and all other key delivery agencies. 

This updated version, published in March 2011, follows an audit and review of Games safety and security which was carried out by the minister of state for security and counter-terrorism in July and August 2010.

London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic safety & security strategy - March 2011 (PDF file - 644kb)

London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games safety and security concept of operations equality impact assessment.

This is an executive summary of the equality impact assessment for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games setting out how the key elements of the safety and security strategy will be delivered.

London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games safety and security concept of operations equality impact assessment (PDF file - 165kb)

London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Safety & Security Risk Assessment (OSSSRA) Summary - Version 2 (January 2011).

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be the largest sporting event ever to be staged in the United Kingdom. In securing the bid to host the Games, the UK Government guaranteed to undertake the measures necessary to ensure the safety and security of those participating in and attending the Games. We will take an intelligence-led, risk-based approach in achieving this.

This summary outlines the methodology used to identify the types of risk being considered that those charged with delivering a safe and secure Games have to manage.

London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Safety & Security Risk Assessment (OSSSRA) Summary - Version 2 (January 2011) (PDF file - 342kb)

Audit & Review of Olympic & Paralympic Safety & Security Planning

In summer 2010 the Coalition Government undertook an Audit and Review of Olympic security preparations, led by Baroness Neville-Jones the Security Minister.

The full Audit and Review is a classified document that cannot be made public as it contains sensitive information about security for the Games. This summary provides an overview of the findings and recommendations.

Audit & Review of Olympic & Paralympic Safety & Security Planning (PDF file - 225kb)


The legacy of the Games

Security for the Games will leave a lasting positive legacy:

Making communities more resilient against crime and the threat from violent extremism

Improving relationships between police and other security agencies

Providing experience and knowledge that will help make other major sporting events - including the Commonwealth Games to be held in Glasgow in 2014 – even safer.


Facts and figures

Some key numbers related to the Games:

14,700 athletes from 205 countries will compete

26 Olympic sports will take place in 34 venues

20 Paralympic sports will take place in 21 venues

Approximately eight million tickets will be sold for the Olympic Games, with another two million for the Paralympic Games

20,000 members of the world’s media are expected to attend.



Coordinated planning

Security planning for the Games requires national coordination. We're working closely with a wide range of partners to achieve this. These include:

The Home Office

The Association of Chief Police Officers

The Metropolitan Police Service

Dorset Police, Essex Police, Herfordshire Constabulary and Thames Valley Police where events such as Sailing, Mountain Biking and Rowing will take place.

The Government Olympic Executive (GOE)

London Fire Brigade and London Ambulance Service

The Department for Transport

Many other government departments and agencies involved in safety and security. We're also working with local communities, authorities and businesses, as well as with police authorities and international partners to develop and promote our approach.


2012 Games ticket touts to be hit with £20,000 fine

Thursday, 10 Mar 2011

Touts who attempt to sell tickets for the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be hit with fines of up to £20,000, Home Secretary Theresa May announced today during a visit to the OIympic Park.

The government intends to increase the penalty for 'touting' - selling Olympic and Paralympic tickets in public, or in the course of business, without permission - from £5,000 to £20,000.

Tickets for the Olympics go on sale next week.  With nearly 11 million tickets ultimately available for the Olympic and Paralympic Games it is very different from other major sporting and cultural events – making it attractive to ticket touts.

Home Secretary Theresa May said: 'The 2012 Games will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the Games on home soil. By increasing the fines for touting we are sending a clear message to criminals and prospective criminals that it is not worth their while and they are not welcome.

'The focus of the government and everyone involved is to deliver a safe and secure Olympic and Paralympic Games that London, the UK and the world can enjoy. It will not be spoiled by ticket touts.'

Assistant commissioner Chris Allison, national Olympic security coordinator, said: 'We do not want our Games blighted by touts. My officers are working now to make the Olympics as hostile environment as possible for them, and increasing the penalty will help by sending a clear warning.

'Touts are part of organised criminal networks, often involved in other crimes, and we are committed to dismantling them layer by layer.

'Today, we have sent out warning letters to those who may try to illegally sell Olympic tickets, to warn them their card is marked and we are watching.'

LOCOG Chair Sebastian Coe said: 'We want to get London 2012 tickets into the hands of enthusiastic sports fans so that our venues are packed to the rafters at Games-time and provide a fantastic atmosphere for the athletes.

'The message is loud and clear that ticket touts are not welcome and will face large fines. We urge everyone hoping to come to the Games to sign up to our website at

and ensure that they are applying for tickets through the proper channels.'

Notes to editors

1. Touting Olympic and Paralympic tickets was made a criminal offence by the London Olympic and Paralympic games Act 2006, punishable by a fine of up to £5,000, to be increased to £20,000. An amendment to the Act will be laid before Parliament shortly.

2. The Metropolitan Police Service has a dedicated unit - Operation Podium – to tackle touts and Olympic related fraud. Since they were formed in June 2010 Operation Podium have made a total of 49 arrests for offences including touting, fraud and handling stolen goods.

3. The penalty only applies to selling tickets in a public place or in the course of business. LOCOG are operating an exchange system for those who wish to legitimately sell any unwanted tickets.

See other Press releases


Achievements so far

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Safety and Security Strategy was agreed by Ministers in February 2009.

The Olympic Security Directorate (OSD), within the Home Office, has been set up to oversee the strategy and ensure it is delivered on time and to budget.

A dedicated Intelligence Unit has been created within the police service, ensuring vital information is gathered and shared amongst security partners.

The IOC have inspected our security planning and are satisfied with progress.

A dedicated team has been set up to police the Olympic Park construction site, helping to make sure the site is safe and secure for workers and residents alike.

A dedicated London 2012 lead has been created within the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) and the Government will work closely with the industry on the provision of Games-time security staff.

A number of scenario-based exercises have been undertaken at both strategic and tactical levels.

Find more information on Olympic and Paralympic Games security planning on the Home Office website




London Olympics 2012 Security Services



With London 2012 being one of the most high-profile events in the calendar throughout not only the UK, but the World, it will be attracting the world’s media. However, the likelihood of it becoming a target for criminal and possibly terrorist organisations is very high. With this in mind, P&N Security are able to organise and implement all of your protection and transportation needs, to ensure that your visit to both London and the Olympic games is not tarred.

P&N’s employ a broad spectrum of close and personal protection operatives for the safety of our clients, ranging from ex-military and Royal Military Police personnel, to others that specialise only in that field both the UK and abroad. With nearly 8.8 million tickets being sold for the London 2012 Olympic Games, it is vital that your security is not left to chance.



P&N Security are in a position to provide comprehensive packages and tailored security to business and corporate travellers coming to, and travelling around the UK and London for the 2012 Olympic Games. Our personnel are experienced in dealing with the needs of business travellers, with many years of experience in protecting individuals and groups in both corporate and private circumstances throughout the UK and abroad.

Secure Travel & Transportation – P&N Security have a team dedicated to secure travel throughout the UK. This comprises of security trained chauffeurs, who have been selected for their talents in not only driving, but in protecting clients also. We are able to plan your trip with you, and then implement it, ensuring that you are able to enjoy the 2012 Olympic Games, without compromising on the security.

We are also able to plan your trip with you, and then implement a plan using other methods that we employ to aid in this, such as our security chauffeur and vehicle service and close protection.



Male & Female Close Protection Operatives – P&N Security can provide a range of close protection operatives to suit our client’s needs including ex-military and Royal Military Police personnel. We utilise all of our knowledge, expertise and services to provide the safest method of protection for each client, because we realise that everyone is individual and has different needs and requirements. Our operatives have vast experience in protecting some of the most renowned clients in the world, and coupled with the customer service that we offer, make P&N ideally placed to provide a first class protection solution. Please contact us directly, or for more information on the Security and transportation packages that we are able to offer, please see below.

Contact us via the link below.

***** P&N also provide a bespoke service for Private Individuals, Families and Groups. *****

Click HERE to contact P&N Security Services for the London Olympics 2012.

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