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New Mexico Security Licensing





Security Guard Training Requirements



The following eight hour curriculum is the proposed minimum training required and must be completed within twelve months prior to application for security guard level one licensing:


(1) Legal training for security guards – four (4) hours


(a) Legal responsibilities, qualifications, restrictions and liability of level 1 security guard


(b) Introduction to use of force continuum, appropriate use of force and de-escalation techniques.


(c) Powers of detention and New Mexico laws of citizen arrest


(d) Appropriate search and seizure, legal restrictions and civil liability


(e) New Mexico laws on trespass



(2) Authority and responsibility of the security guard – two (2) hours


(a) Communication with local law enforcement, jurisdiction and limitations of authority


(b) Radio dispatch protocol and other communication tools


(c) Image, professional communication, note-taking and report writing



(3) Incident scene management and preservation - two (2) hours


(a) Identifying evidence


(b) Care and handling of evidence


(c) Securing the immediate area


(d) Evidence tampering and/or removal


(e) Witness/participant identification




The following sixteen hour curriculum in addition to the Level One training is the proposed minimum training required and should be completed within twelve months prior to application for security guard level two registration.


(1) Legal and practical aspects of use of force and personal/employer liability – eight (8) hours

(2) Verbal and written communication and conflict management – six (6) hours

(3) First responder basic first aid – two (2) hours

(4) Specific weapon endorsement




The following sixteen hour curriculum in addition to the Level One and Level Two training and firearm certification is the proposed minimum training to be required and would be completed within twelve months prior to application for security guard level three registration.


(1) The five firearms safety rules

(2) Weapon manipulation

(3) Types of sidearms

(4) Firearm retention and equipment

(5) Firearm storage devices

(6) Locking devices

(7) Ammunition and storage

(8) Training household members

(9) Hazards of loaded firearms in the home

(10) Mental conditioning and tactics

(11) Weapon manipulation and marksmanship

(12) Threat recognition and judgmental shooting

(13) Laws pertaining to firearms, deadly physical force and the exercise of the powers of arrest – mandatory four (4) hours minimum




Call the Private Investigations Advisory Board at (505) 476-4650 to request a firearms training certification form.


Click here for printable Training Summary


Where can I get this training?

UNM Continuing Education Security Officer Certificate Training

Law Enforcement Training Institute


Bud Brinkerhoff
7 Senda Osai Vieja
Placitas, NM 87043
(505) 771-0130




Application Fees


Private Investigator


Private Investigation Company


Private Investigations Manager


Private Investigations Employee


Private Patrol Operator


Private Patrol Company


Private Patrol Operations Manager


Polygraph Examiner




Registration or Registration Renewal Fees


Security Guard Level One


Security Guard Level Two


Security Guard Level Three


Late Fee on Registration Renewals




Initial license or license renewal fees


Private Investigator


Private Investigations Manager


Private Investigations Employee


Private Patrol Operator


Private Patrol Operations Manager


Polygraph Examiner


Late Fee on License Renewals




Other fees applying to private investigators, private patrol operators and polygraph examiners


Special Event Permit


Private Patrol Branch Office Certificate


Inspection of Public Records Request: Regulation and Licensing Department Standard Rate



Background fees shall be the amount established by the department of public safety for the processing of criminal history background checks.





Notice to New Applicants


Effective March 7, 2008, the New Mexico Private Investigations Advisory Board began requiring all applicants for initial and renewal licensure to submit fingerprints for a criminal background check. In addition to the documents listed above, you will have to complete two fingerprint cards. Fingerprints must be on Regulation and Licensing Department/Private Investigations Advisory Board coded fingerprint cards. To obtain those cards, please contact RLD at (505) 476-4650 and they will be mailed to you, or, you may come into our offices located at the Toney Anaya Building, 2550 Cerrillos Road, Second Floor, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Complete the card with signature, date of birth, place of birth, height, weight, social security number and license type.

Fingerprints must be taken under the supervision of and certified by a New Mexico state police officer, a county sheriff, a municipal chief of police or by comparable officers in the applicant’s state of residence if the applicant is not a resident of New Mexico or a RLD approved private agency or individual.

Submit both completed fingerprint cards and verification form to the NM Department of Public Safety with a money order or cashier’s check for $44.00 made payable to the “NM Department of Public Safety”. This is the charge for the FBI and the state record. Cards submitted with the incorrect amount or with personal checks will be returned to the applicants. Please mail the cards and the payment to:
Fingerprint Section
NM Department of Public Safety
P.O. Box 1628
Santa Fe, NM 87504-1628

Applications must be filled in legibly and complete or they will be returned.


You will need Adobe Reader (free download) to view or print the PDF forms.
Microsoft Word documents [DOC] will open in your word processor and you can fill them in using your computer.


Applications must be filled in legibly or they will be returned.


Private Investigator (PI) License Application [PDF]

Private Investigation (PI) Company License Application (Need to include "Attachment A") [PDF]

Private Investigation (PI) Company License "Attachment A" [PDF]

Private Investigation (PI) Manager License Application [PDF]

Private Investigations (PI) Employee Registration Application [PDF]

Private Patrol Operator (PPO) License Application [PDF]

Private Patrol Operator (PP) Company License Application (Need to include "Attachment A") [PDF]

Private Patrol Operations (PPO) Manager License Application [PDF]

Security Guard Registration Application – Level 1, 2 & 3 [PDF]

Firearm Instructor Application [PDF]

State Jurisprudence Examination

Authorization for Release of Information [PDF]


Polygraph Examiner License Application – Please call the Board office to request

Fingerprint Verification Form [DOC]

Fingerprint Source List [PDF]

Surety Bond [PDF]


If there is anything that you believe should be added to this State with regards to Security Licensing or Regulatory issues, please let one of our team know by clicking HERE.....


The SW Team......


USA Security Licensing

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