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In order to carry out the job that SECURITY is aimed at we need the employees and skills that are the fundamental cogs that make the big wheel work.

The primary aims of the SECURITY WEBSITE RECRUITMENT SECTION are to get those specialist employees paired up with the employers, companies and institutions that seek them.

In this ever-wary world of Terrorism, Crime and Human Insecurity, people rely on specialists just like you to fill the gaps that keep them safe from harm.

Be under no illusion, security is an issue that is permanently under review, with the system and dynamics that keep them present and in place, ever increasing, as our own need for personal piece of mind grows with the day-to-day situations that challenge us all.

Whether you are working for the Police, the Government, the Forces, National Security or Non-Government Organizations that help the needy or the hard to reach, the RECRUITMENT SECTION is directly aimed at those who are involved with SECURITY.

All of the Institutions, Government Agencies and National Security Personnel that we see almost every day need another specialist to make them work, this and all the employment attributes that come with it fall under one roof, SUPPORT PERSONNEL.

This will be a Global Recruitment Site and will not be geographically restricted....

From CCTV installation to Static Guarding

From IT Security to IT Experts

From Close Protection Operatives to Security Consultants

From Fire alarm technicians to Fire Rescue Services

From Drivers to Driving Instructors

From Policy makers to Diplomatic Negotiation Experts

From Support Construction to Support Staff

From Non-Profit Organizations to Displaced Community Volunteers

From Police support to Police Training to Police Policy Experts



The team at the SECURITY RECRUITMENT SECTION will even be on hand to do the work for you with a free CV “Update” that ensures you are equipped with the best chance for employers to put you to the front of their list.

We have created a unique application process that ensures we have all your attributes, and also makes the search by potential Organizations looking for you easier to fulfil, therefore giving YOU a better chance of finding that job.

Our RECRUITMENT SECTION has a triple-tier secure web system that ensures your personal information REMAINS personal.

Our process is easy, takes about 10 minutes for the application and our feedback results are second to none.

This is an Industry that needs the skills to make it work…….

We are the Industry Experts and finding your ambition is OUR JOB !


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We are on call 24 hrs a day, if you have a query with regards to the Recruitment Section, please contact one of our team of experts HERE and we'll get back to you within 24 hrs, GUARANTEED !!!


The SW Team...........